Hair loss after sleeve gastrectomy surgery is a very common condition (70%). Hair loss usually starts in the second or third month and can continue up to the eight or ninth month. Hair loss stops when the speed of losing weight slows down or when losing weight stops. Most of the shed hair comes back after weight loss stops.

There are some measures that can be taken to reduce hair loss. Multivitamin pills given by your doctor should be used regularly after surgery. We should use protein supplements as needed in our post-operative diet. Again, postoperative B 12, Folic acid, zinc and iron values ​​should be checked regularly and any deficiencies that may occur in these should be corrected.

If the hair loss is too big to disturb the person, another measure that can be taken is hair mesotherapy.

It should be remembered that hair loss after tube stomach surgery is not permanent but temporary. The more regularly you do your doctor’s controls after the operation, the less your hair loss will be.

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