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Op. Dr. Volkan ARAYICI

Obesity is not a fate!

Obesity is not a fate!

Contact us today and join tens of thousands of happy people.

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Proven methods that actually address your core health problems

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Medifema Hospital; It is our contracted hospital where we perform our surgeries.
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Why us?
Why Dr. Volkan Arayıcı?
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Op. Dr. Volkan Arayıcı

For many years, Dr.Volkan Arayici has been changing the lives of many people who struggle with obesity and type 2 diabetes. He has touched the lives of thousands who had Obesity and Type-2 Diabetes. He is a member of the International Federation for the Surgery of Obesity. Dr. Arayici is married and has a daughter.

We value you and your health!

We work with the best companies in all the services and equipments we provide.

We are with you with our expert doctor and team!

20 years of experience as a general surgeon and 10 years operating only in this field. Dr. Arayici provides the most comfortable and hassle-free experience for his patients.

A healthier and happier life is possible!

All of our patients who have welcomed a new life at our clinic described their experience as “perfect”.
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Due to our many years of experience and knowledge, your health is always our priority.

Happy patients
Year of award-winning health tourism experience
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Happy Patients
Rhia Müllen
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I was booked into another hospital for my gastric sleeve operation surgery but due to my medication they said they couldnt do it even though they knew before hand they told me the night before that my surgery was cancelled Looked on Facebook and messaged mev who borrowed a car to come and collect me at 11pm took me to there hospital ozel medidema hastanesi. Arrived at hospital got some sleep in the morning had all the tests done i needed and met with my surgeon dr volkan who managed to fit me in that day for my surgery. The after care was amazing and mev was there to translate for me as im from Scotland. The hospital staff were 1st class got pain relief when needed. I even taught them some Scottish words lol. If it wasnt for mev driving to pick me up from the other hospital i would have had to return with no surgery. I cant recommend the surgeon and all the medical team here.
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Ich hatte eine Bypass Op, bereits nach 2 tagen konnte ich ganz normal gehen. Alles super wie geplant gelaufen, sogar noch besser, mein Arzt Op. Dr. Volkan Arayici und seine Assistentin Gözde sind sehr freundlich und kompetent. Das Krankenhauspersonal ist besonders lieb. Zusammenfassend kann ich sagen, dass diese Op und das Krankenhaus sehr empfehlenswert sind. ❤️ ✨
Linda Kelly
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What a fantastic experience which will change my life for the better. Hospital is 5 star - staff are all very professional and your every need is catered for. Interpreters are on hand morning to night and they are just wonderful. Luxury transport from airport to hospital and same on return journey. Surgeon is best in his field. Highly recommend him as his manner with his patients is amazing. Fantastic experience from beginning to end. Thanks to all in Izmir. Linda Kelly
Handy Tek
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Wurde sehr gut behandelt sehr nette Leute
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Open chat
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