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Comments from our patients who have undergone gastric sleeve surgery

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Gastric sleeve surgery is a hopeful solution for many people struggling with obesity. People try many methods to lead a healthy lifestyle and control their weight. But sometimes diet and exercise are not enough. At this point, sleeve gastrectomy presents itself as an option that accelerates weight loss and improves quality of life. However, one of the most important points for people considering this type of surgery is that it is performed in a reliable healthcare facility and by an experienced surgeon. In this article, we will share the real-life experiences and comments of people who have undergone this surgery in Op. Dr. Volkan Arayıcı Bariatric Clinic. Here you will find a compilation of the opinions of direct users about the clinic’s services.

“Dr Volkan I just wanted to say thank you so much for giving me my life and confidence back, I am 4 weeks post op and have lost 2 stone already !! I’ve never been happier I am no longer taking medication for depression and I’m the happiest I have been in years ! You and your wonderful team at Vobe clinic saved my life!! and gave me a a wonderful happy healthy future to look forward to with my children. Having Gastric sleeve surgery was the best decision I’ve ever made in my entire life, and all of your amazing team of staff made me feel very well looked after they are so professional and Pelin went above and beyond looking after me through the whole process from start to finish, she even took me shopping for the day 2 days after surgery which was amazing !! Safa too was a very lovely person and so kind and caring and cheedam the nurse on the ward who looked after me so well. I’m so glad I chose Vobe clinic it’s the best !!!! “


“Travelled with my Aunty, we both had surgery same day. Provided all info prior to travel, picked up and taken to hospital. All tests carried out to ensure safe for surgery to be carried out. Local coordinators Pelin and Saffa were amazing and explained everything. Dr Volkan Arayici is really lovely and reassuring.(great to look at too)
No issues after surgery, all hospital nurses and staff were fabulous and used interpreter App to help if English was difficult.
So pleased I did this ongoing journey and more than happy with my 10 weeks 28lbs loss so far..
Would definitely recommend”


“Dr. Volkan Arayıcı and his team have changed my life… im coming up to 5 months post op now and I’m down a massive 63 pounds weight loss I can honestly say was best experience I ever had. From start to finish i was look after with so much care I was so nervous about surgery it’s self but was very smooth not issues all nurses made me very comfortable on my recovery cant recommend enough they changed my life also big thank you to merziye for being really friendly and making whole experience amazing “


“What a fantastic experience which will change my life for the better. Hospital is 5 star – staff are all very professional and your every need is catered for. Interpreters are on hand morning to night and they are just wonderful. Luxury transport from airport to hospital and same on return journey. Surgeon is best in his field. Highly recommend him as his manner with his patients is amazing. Fantastic experience from beginning to end. Thanks to all in Izmir. Linda Kelly”


“What can I say only my experience from beginning to end was absolutely fantastic.
My translator Mev was always there for me , & his response time by phone was almost immediately if I had any questions & I had plenty!
Dr volcan was a complete gentleman & spoke English. I put my complete trust in him.
I was worried how I might be after the surgery & especially on returning home but I genuinely had very little pain.
Anybody who is hesitating about making a decision for a gastric sleeve just go for it .
It’s the start of a new life for me I can’t wait.
I would highly recommend Dr. Volcan & his team . So professional & cleanliness is unreal .Top class nurses also.”

There are dozens more reviews than the ones we’ve shared. You can visit our Truspilot page to read all the comments about us.

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The gastric sleeve clinic of Op. Dr. Volkan Arayıcı has made a name for itself with the successful results it has achieved for many people. The clinic’s professional approach and patient satisfaction are among the issues frequently emphasized by those who have undergone sleeve gastrectomy. The effectiveness of the operations and subsequent care help patients achieve their weight loss goals. The experienced team of Op. Dr. Volkan Arayıcı provides special solutions for patients’ needs and facilitates the post-operative process. This clinic continues to be a reliable address for anyone considering gastric sleeve surgery.


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