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What is stomach reduction ?


What is stomach reduction?

What is stomach reduction? A stomach reduction, also known as gastric reduction surgery, is a surgical procedure used to treat obesity. This operation is performed to reduce weight in overweight individuals and allow for long-term weight control. During the surgery, the size and capacity of the stomach are reduced, so the person can eat less and feel full quicker. There are different methods for stomach reduction, including sleeve gastrectomy and gastric bypass surgery. Both have the potential to improve health issues related to obesity, such as diabetes, high blood pressure, and sleep problems.

Not suitable for everyone

It is important to note that stomach reduction surgery is not suitable for everyone. Before the operation, a thorough evaluation of the individual’s health condition is necessary. Post-operative care and lifestyle adjustments are also crucial for long-term success.
Izmir: An attractive destination
Izmir, a city on the west coast of Turkey, attracts thousands of domestic and foreign tourists every year. The city offers a rich history and culture, natural beauty, and a modern lifestyle. Historical sites such as the Saat Kulesi (Clock Tower) and the Hisar Camii, a magnificent mosque, are testament to the city’s rich history.
The natural beauties of Izmir, including beautiful beaches in Cesme and Alacati, are another draw. The Kordonboyu, a lively area in the city center, offers the opportunity to walk by the sea and dine in numerous restaurants and cafes. The city is also known for cultural events such as the Izmir International Fair and the Izmir Opera and Ballet Ensemble.
The modern lifestyle in Izmir is characterized by shopping centers, restaurants, nightclubs, and cafes. The famous open-air markets and street food experiences allow visitors to experience local flavors.

Turkey as a destination for stomach reduction surgeries

Turkey offers several reasons why it should be considered as a destination for stomach reduction surgery:
Experienced healthcare providers: Turkey has experienced surgeons and medical professionals who offer high-quality medical services. Collaboration with doctors specialized in stomach reduction surgeries is crucial.
Affordable prices: Healthcare services in Turkey are generally more cost-effective than in other countries.
Modern technical equipment: Many hospitals and healthcare facilities in Turkey are equipped with state-of-the-art medical machinery.
Tourism opportunities: Turkey provides the opportunity to combine an operation with a tourist trip and explore the natural beauty, historical sites, and cultural treasures of the country.
Therefore, Turkey is an attractive option for people considering stomach reduction surgery.

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