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Removal of the gastric band and conversion to sleeve gastrectomy or gastric bypass

Entfernung des Magenbandes und Umstellung auf Schlauchmagen oder Magenbypass

In the past, laparoscopic adjustable gastric banding (LAGB) was one of the most common surgeries for morbid obesity. LAGB is a restrictive procedure that was once considered a good option for treating morbid obesity. Gastric band surgery was used before laparoscopic sleeve gastrectomy for many people battling obesity, particularly in England and Germany.

Many patients who underwent gastric banding went uncontrolled. You haven’t had an endoscopy in many years. Before the gastric band is removed and sleeve gastrectomy or gastric bypass is performed in the same session, the stomach and esophagus must be examined endoscopically.

Unfortunately, time has revealed the high complication rates and weight loss failure associated with this procedure. As a result, the period of revision surgeries has begun for a patient affected by these problems. The gastric band was removed and sleeve gastrectomy and gastric bypass surgery began. These revision surgeries are performed in two ways worldwide.


People who have undergone gastric banding are likely to experience severe reflux symptoms. Symptoms associated with reflux resolve quickly after the gastric band is removed.

While some surgeons recommend removing the gastric band and reoperating after six months, some surgeons remove the gastric band and perform bariatric surgery in the same session. In our clinic, gastric band removal and sleeve gastrectomy or gastric bypass surgery are performed in patients who If a gastric band was previously applied, it was carried out safely and with a high success rate in the same session.

Many gastric band patients from England, Ireland, Scotland, Germany and Spain have had gastric band removal and revision surgery.

For our patients with gastric banding, an endoscopy is routinely performed and the stomach is examined before surgery. Removing the gastric band and performing a sleeve gastrectomy or gastric bypass in the same session is a special operation. People who want to undergo this surgery should see an experienced bariatric surgeon.

Not every surgeon can perform this operation. You should choose and research the surgeon you will have good surgery. You can contact us for gastric band removals and revision surgeries.

How much does gastric band revision surgery cost?

The cost of surgery varies from country to country, from surgeon to surgeon and on the quality of the materials used. The world’s best brand of staplers is used in our clinic. To reduce costs, many clinics use imitations from China. The cost of a gastric band revision operation in our clinic starts at 4500 euros.

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